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5 Great Tips to Winning mega cash at Blackjack

There are lots of games that are offered in the casino halls today. Blackjack is one game that is widely loved and played by both the young and old. There are skills and blackjack tips that need to be acquired before anyone can start playing and winning big. We are going to look at the basis playing tips that will enable any player to win at least 70% of the games he or she plays. This implies that any players that takes time to master the blackjack tips we outlined below is guaranteed of winning 7 out of every 10 gaming sessions. While noting the tips, you shouldn’t forget that you need to focus and take complete control of your emotions to start winning big.

  1. One of the simplest blackjack tips is for the payer to play at tables with just one deck. You may not be aware of the fact that multi-deck shoes give the house more edge than one deck tables. You only have less than 25% chance of winning in the multi-deck shoes. There are lots of face cards whenever the table is turned and the house easily reaches 17 – 21 in majority of the sessions so stay clear from this if you want to go home richer.
  1. You are advised to bet with consistent amount of not more than $5 – $10. Even if you are winning and desire to increase the bet, you have to make the increase from your winnings of the day only. Do not start betting carelessly simply to gain back some lost fund if you are on a loosing streak for the day. As soon as you have lost three games consecutively, you might just stay away for at least 20 minutes so that your thoughts would come together again for the nest gaming session.
  1. There are some tables that are sure bets. You have to find them by looking at how happy the players are at each table. You can simply watch three gaming sessions on a table to determine how often the payer wind and vice versa. This is allowed in the casino halls because you are merely looking around to determine the table that best suits your gambling purpose.
  1. You are advised to play of the house has 3s – 6s because you stand chance of winning over 80 percent of such settings. But be careful while doubling or splitting your hand so that you don’t loose heavily. If you have a face card, do not split it because you will most likely win that particular gaming session but be sure to split the Aces when you get them. It isn’t good to double or split when the dealer is showing high card. These strategies are so simple but may players and gamblers usually do not concentrate thereby loosing many gaming sessions they would have easily won.
  1. It isn’t bad to play with lots of other players but you can also play one on one with the dealer. Note that the house edge is increased when the shuffle frequency increases.

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