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Basic Blackjack Tips and How to Play Strategy – 50-50 Winning Odds in Blackjack

I believe that a lot of gamblers and card gamers are like me. I do not really give more emphasis on some of the basics of blackjack strategies but I believe that you will become a much better player by consistently trying your hands in game. Blackjack game is so simply that it will virtually become part of you by the time you must have played and mastered how it flows. There are some blackjack strategy charts that I outlined below for your benefit. They include the denomination of the player versus the dealer and tell when the player should surrender, hit or stand in any gaming session.

Few of the key blackjack tips and strategies include knowing that the dealer will bust if he or she has a six. It is therefore, advisable for the player to hold on if he or she has 12 or higher number. You can take back half of your initial bet if you have a 15 or a 16 against the dealer’s 10. All you have to do in this kind of scenario is to surrender and recoup half of bet amount.

There are times when the player needs to split a hand or double down, depending on the strategy that is being used. It is common for players with 11s to want to double down on their initial bets. Even though it is sometimes better to split cards with the same denomination, you are advised NEVER to split two 10s. This very strategy has draw lots of controversial discussions and we won’t go into all the details that go with it in this article. If you really want to get more insight into this particular blackjack strategy, it will be better for to print out the strategy chart and engage in consistent practice with it. You will become well versed with it after some number of practice sessions.

There are some basic blackjack strategies that could be used to effectively play the card game. This will be your best option if you don’t want to indulge in card counting or wouldn’t want to put your money down in the game. If you are just playing for some little fun, then the basic blackjack strategy is good enough for you. You will begin to flow in the game soon as you grasp the basics and start enjoying g the game in casinos and other online gaming platforms. You can use this basic strategy to have a 50-50 chance of winning any blackjack game.

You may have to print out the basic blackjack strategy and have it in your hand while you play so that you can easily memorize the tactics and boost your gaming confidence. No body will frown at you for having a piece of paper with playing instructions in any casino and blackjack games doesn’t have rules against that either. There are various charts and blackjack basic strategies you can print out and start using immediately to enhance your gaming experience.


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