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Lots of people are searching for blackjack tips that would enable them to increase their chances of winning each gaming session. Many people see gambling as leisure but a good number of people also desire to earn some money while gambling too. Blackjack is one of the most popular games that are played on the gambling tables today. The unique thing about blackjack is that it is quite easy and exciting but all the joy may seize when you loose some ‘vital’ gaming sessions. Nobody wants to loose in any game not to talk of when money is attached to the win. There are some blackjack tips that will help any average gambler as well as the pros to pimp their games and begin to beat the casino houses to their games and keeping enlarging their pockets in the process.

One of the most vital blackjack tips you have to know today is that you shouldn’t take the insurance while playing the game. The casinos offer some kind of insurance for blackjack games but the odds will increase against you if you take up the offer. You simply need to calculate the value of your cards, as soon as it is totaling 9, or even lower, you are advised to hit. You can try to double your betting if your cards totals 10 or more because it is the most appropriate time for you to hit. For instance, you can double down if you see that dealer is showing card with the value of 9 and you have a total of 11 and above. But if the game dealer posses up to card of 11 and you had just 10, you should hit.

If the upper card of the game dealer happens to be 7 or higher, you should hit if yours totals between 12 and 16. Note that it is better for you to stand your ground if the game dealer show cards that amount to 7 or even less. It is also best for you to stand when the up card is 17 or higher.

If the up card of the dealer is 6 or less in any ‘soft’ blackjack game, you should double down especially if you have between 13 and 18 a 6 and an Ace. If your total I less than 17, you are advised to hit while it is better to stand if 19. You can notice that the strategy is quite different in a ‘soft’ blackjack game.

If the game is a split one, you shouldn’t split pairs of 4, 5 and 10’s but don’t hesitate to go for the split as long as your own pair includes eights or Aces. But whenever the upper card of the game dealer happens to be less than 6, you can split.

All these blackjack tips would amount to nil if you don’t keep close watch over your opponents and be consistent in your strategic approach. You are advised to bet more if you notice that you have a winning edge and reverse if you happen to be loosing. You don’t have to be in any hurry while playing the blackjack game.


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