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Blackjack Smart Card Gaming Tips and Winning Strategy – How to Play the Blackjack Game Pairs

The blackjack card game has many rules and playing strategies. One of it is that when you get a pair of the same cards, you have the option of splitting the cards. It is common for players to split so as to increase their winning chances. But there are some cases where the player looses both splits if he or she isn’t careful enough.  It is imperative that you know when to split and know various strategies of playing blackjack pairs so that you will always have better chances of winning.

Majority of the casinos have up to 4 or even 8 decks that allows doubling after splitting but you have to carefully check the gaming table before you sit down to play. This is because some few blackjack tables frown at the strategy.

This blackjack strategy is quite simple because it entails that when you have a blackjack pair, you can split your cards if you wish. But your decision would be based on the game dealer’s upper cards. There is always the general assumption that the dealer’s face-down card is 10. There is absolutely no need for you to start thinking of the cards that are dealt to other players at the gaming table unless you are doing card counting. You aim should only be to check what the face-up card of the dealer is when you are dealt the cards and decide whether to split or not if you have pairs.

These three vital splitting tips are very essential:

1. Never split when you get a pair of 10s. In that case, you are advised to stand.

2. When you get a pair of 8s and Aces, it is best for you to split for blackjack pairs.

3. You will need to split most of the other pairs but there are some conditions that apply in each situation.

Apart from blackjack pairs of 8s, 10s and Aces, these conditions apply:

You are advised to split if you have pairs of Aces and 8s but NEVER to split a pair of 10s. The third basic splitting rule is that the decision to split will be determined by the upper card the card dealer has.

A. If the dealer’s card upper card is a 2 – 7, then you should split your pairs of twos or threes.

B. If the dealer’s upper card is four or five, you should split pair of 4s.

C. You should split your cards if you get pair of 6s and the dealer’s upper cards are on 2 – 6.

D. If you get pairs of 7s, you should split your cards if the dealer’s upper card is on 2 – 7.

But there are some exceptions you should take note of:

1. If you have pair of 9s, it is better to stand if the card game dealer has 7, 10, or Ace on his face-up card. You can split the pair of 9s if the game dealer’s upper card is on 8 -9 and 2 – 6.

2. Note that it is better for you to double on a 2 – 9 of dealer’s upper card, if you have a pair of 5s. You should simply ‘HIT’ if it any other card.

Knowing when to split, stand or hit should be the most essential blackjack tips any player should learn.


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