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Blackjack Strategy, Tips and Odds

The blackjack game is not all about busting and beating the dealer because some elements of luck are involved. Your chances of winning in any card game and blackjack especially is to be mindful of the odds against you. Many gamblers are aware of the odds factor and try as much as they can to boost their odds against that of the table. The same thing can be done in blackjack if you have some adequate playing tips and strategies.

There are lots of blackjack tips and strategies any player can adopt and start playing like a pro. For example, whenever the deal is showing cards between 2 to 6, then you have to reason that the cards such dealer has under might probably be 10. When all the cards are totaled, it would give the dealer frrom12 to 16. In this type of gaming situation, it is most likely that the dealer would hit if this sort of number are gotten. You, as the player at this time should be excited because the totals are great and are at the range where you can bust and have good chances of winning.

In the kind of scenario above, the player can comfortably double his or her bet with relative confidence of winning the game because it is possible that the player will be having a total of 8, 9, 10 or 11 at that time. Doubling the bet simply means a situation where the player notices that he or she has more chances of winning after the initial dealings and decides to double the bet amount. It is allowed in blackjack and many smart players have used the simple strategy to win lots of blackjack casino games.
I believe you wouldn’t be surprised if I reveal to you that all the casinos have house edges so that they stand about 95% chances of winning any gaming session. But in all casino games, blackjack offers the player the most favorable chance for winning. There may be some variations but the truth remains that blackjack players have the option of changing wager and style to fit the gaming environment. For the player to do this effectively, such player should be able to have knowledge of basic calculations, a definite playing strategy accompanied by a clear mind and good memory.

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of strategies that could be adopted to decrease the edge any casino or blackjack dealer holds but the basic strategy is derived from simple calculation and absolute probability. So the chances of going on bad runs are always there. But as a rule of the finger, you are advised to always bet with the amount you can afford to loose in any game. While is better for any player to decrease his or her bets when such player is loosing any blackjack game, the reverse should be the case when such person is winning. You are also advised to avoid the insurance that the casino usually offers for the blackjack game because it really sucks and will boost the odds against you.


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