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How to Become a Blackjack Dealer by Applying Some Smart Tips

Blackjack is a popular card game that is played in all the Casinos in the US and other Countries across the world. There is usually no dull moment in an average blackjack gaming table and it is usual to see players who win more than half of their entire gaming sessions. But if you have played blackjack for sometime and suddenly decide to be a blackjack dealer, here are some very helpful tips that will help you.

The first thing you should realize is that you wouldn’t be given a higher post or position when you apply as a dealer. The casino will most likely want you to begin from lower positions such as doorman/woman, entrance host, pit assistance and many others too numerous to mention.

Don’t worry if the casino even offered to have you as a dishwasher when you apply newly because it might just be their way of trying to know you better before giving you more befitting position. Remember that there are lots of monies that are carried around in any gambling hall so the casino would like to develop a sort of relationship with the new employee, know him or her relatively well before entrusting him or her with any sensitive position in the hall.

But you case might be different if you have a work history that is decent or a background that is of professional jobs and some reliable references. You may be employed directly as a dealer in that case.

All the casinos require that the dealer would have gone to the casino dealer school so that such fellow will be trained properly. It is common for most of the casinos to maintain their own dealer schools where they train all their staffs so that they all work on the same level and competence.

The casino managers also prefer individual that have amiable personality. But this will come in after the training. They also prefer younger persons with good education and personalities such as ladies or guys in their 20s or 30s.

You must be prepared to work long hours at the beginning. You can be working shifts of 10 – 12 hours daily and you may be required to work some days non-stop as well too. But you will be given some kind of free day per week or two depending on the peculiar working arrangement of the casino.

Note that as a table dealer, you shouldn’t expect a high hourly rate as your payment. You will be given a minimum wage in most cases but you will surely be taking some impressive tips home, depending on the kind of patrons that gamble in the casino.

You can earn a decent living as blackjack casino dealer but you have to be prepared to work smartly. Your mathematics or calculative ability will be a big plus for you because you will be handling chips, money and doing constant shuffles while at the gaming table. You will be getting lots of tips while in the job but you are advised not to solicit for the tips.


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