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How to Walk Away a Winner When Playing Blackjack – Blackjack Smart Tips

There are times you will be on consistent winning stretches in the blackjack games. You may realize that the dealer plays into your hands and busts each time you need him. You may start noticing that your 16s draw out into 20s and 21s and you start having a king of genius feelings inside you. Many have experienced this in the blackjack card games but the truth is that this kind of scenario may not last for too long. This is even more reason you should start thinking of blackjack tips that would enable you to keep playing smart and winning most gaming sessions. Below are two playing methods that will help you to win most of your games.

1. One of the most vital blackjack tips you have to inculcate in your gaming habit is to try and walk away when you are winning so that your wins would be intact. It feels real bad to leave the gaming table after you might have lost so much money. For example, if you are betting with just $5, you can call that a unite bet. All you have to do is to divide your winning with the unit bet amount. If it gives you another twenty rounds of playing and getting, you are advised to set half of it aside which would translate to 10 betting units in this case. Use the other 10 units to bet and be sure that you will walk away soon as that 10 is lost so that you still have something left. You still won!

2. There is absolutely no need to set a winning limit of your gaming sessions. This simply implies that if you continue to win, you can keep playing but the moment the situation reverses, don’t wait till you loose all that you have won before leaving the blackjack gaming table.  You may opt to increase the size of your bets if you are winning consistently. This simply means that the bet increase will be from the monies you have won and not from your pocket. But be sure to keep some winnings aside so that you will still walk out a winner if you loose the larger bet at the end. Do not make the mistake of increasing your bets astronomically but rather increase moderately.

We can’t be talking of blackjack tips for winning without touching some money saving guidelines.

You have to limit your table looses to not more than 20 bets if you are betting with a small amount like $5. This will mean that you will loose just $100. Walk away and come back later so that you will have fresh chances on the game. Some blackjack tips preach consistency without factoring looses into it. You are also advised not to start with more than $5 per bet so that you wouldn’t loose so much in each gaming session. Note that an increased bet lots doesn’t increase or decrease your chances of winning any card game rather, you may loose more money at the end of the day.


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