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How to Win in Blackjack Using Great Playing Tips – Odds in Blackjack to Consider When Placing a Bet

There isn’t any doubt that you can get blackjack tips from various sources but the fact remains that some simple but uniquely essential factors are ignored in most of the tips. I have been a professional blackjack player for several years and as such I know when the odds are in the players favor and the best time for such player to either decrease or increase his or her bets.

It isn’t enough for any gambler to be aware of blackjack because of its popularity and the fact that it is played in all the gambling studios but it is best for the players to know the better ways of playing or betting to win. There are several blackjack tips and techniques anyone can use to place a bet to win in this simple card game. The fun and excitement that is derived in the blackjack game is quite enormous and it isn’t surprising that, any people, both old and young are attracted to the game. Many people also play the game for fun as well as a way of earning substantial cash.

It is normal for the players to think of how much money they would bet in each game at the start of the gaming session. The risks are usually factored in before settling on the bet amount. It is usual for many new players to bet the same amount for several playing session. The decision to stick with a particular bet amount has both disadvantages and advantages. Mastering the blackjack game entails that the player should be able to spot his or her winning chances and increase the bet amount to adequate take advantage of the favored situation.

The player is advised to increase his or her bet amount when the count scores increases. You can easily win remarkably if you have high card count scores because there are chances that you would gain more favorable high cards. You are safer and stand more chances of winning while betting on higher cards. While you should be reminded to only bet with the amount you can afford to loose, ensure that you mostly increase your bets whenever the count score start getting high. Also note that whenever any player gets 21, blackjack pays such player a compensatory bonus on top of the win.

It is better for the player to increase the bet if the count score gets to +3 and above. The probability of winning at this stage is quite high. But be sure to withhold your bet or stay away if the count score is as low as -4. Gambling is generally based on many probabilities but some strategic approaches would put any good player in more favorable winning light.

We can’t be concluding blackjack tips without mentioning some playing strategies such as the Parley System and the Paroli System. The later is where you increase your next bet immediately after winning while the former is when you use just your winning profits to increase your bet amounts. The two blackjack betting strategies don’t require huge bankrolls.


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