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Tips to Becoming a Blackjack Hotshot

Knowing blackjack tips is quite necessary because the game is one of the most popular casino games till date. If you have been to a casino recently, you may have noticed that there are more blackjack tables than any other casino games tables. The game can give you several hours of fun and easy cash flow if you play it properly. Some are some casino blackjack tips we are going to critically look at in this discuss so that you can enjoy your next game and win more too.

You are advised never to split a pair of tens irrespective of what the dealer is holding and no matter how appealing it is. By saying ten, we mean cards that has value ten and up till the king. For example, it is unthinkable that any player would risk splitting a 20 because it is too strong for that.

On the other hand, you should split if a pair of eights or a pair of Aces. This is not affected by whatever cards that dealer is showing. Note 16 is quite a tough hand to play but there are possibilities of having two blackjacks when you split Aces. The effect of this is that your fund would be multiplied. In any blackjack tips, you wouldn’t be advised to play off 16 because it is a complete waste but you are always advised to split the eights whenever you get them because you will stand good chances of getting 18 at both hands and one hand at least.

There are people who try to get it all right before they bet but the fact is that you have to keep dealing and learning from the progress you are making. There are people who count cards and it is these set of people that rely on insurance. It really sucks! Your chances of winning are usually very slim if you are betting on insurance. It has been noted that few people generally take the insurance route.

If a dealer is showing a 6 or lower cards, there is still hope for you even if you have between 13 and 16 in your hands. If you are in this situation, there is every probability that the dealer would bust, so stay because you might have done the same if the situation were to be reversed. It may surprise you to realize that in most cases it pays off even after the dealer has busted despite the fact that it could be quite disturbing to sit on a low hand like that.

The blackjack tips wouldn’t be complete if you aren’t reminded that you should keep hitting your hand till it is 17 or above if the dealer is showing the card with a value, ten. You have to ensure that your cards total 17 or above in this kind of scenario so as to avoid loosing. If on the other hand, the dealer’s up card is a 4, a 5, or a 6, then it will be best for you to stand on a hard 12. This simply entails that you don’t have any Ace you can use as a one or an eleven.

With these few blackjack tips, you will start winning more and loosing less.


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